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I’d pay to watch these practices

Posted by syracusan on February 3, 2007

Maybe I’m too sentimental, but I wish I could see this. From the blog:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lawrence Moten
I just got back from practice (Andy Rautins and Terrence Roberts both practiced hard) and was struck by watching Lawrence Moten swish shot after shot, thread-the-needle with perfect passes even while playing at half speed.

So I decided to look up some stats for perspective. Moten scored 2,334 points in 121 games at SU. The three current seniors (minus fifth-year senior Matt Gorman) have played in a total of 327 games. Demetris Nichols, Terrence Roberts and Darryl Watkins combined have scored 2,518 points. For the mathematically challenged, that’s just 184 more points in 206 more games.

And yes, if any of you had any doubts…Moten can still ball.

Kim Baxter


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