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Getting your game face on for DePaul

Posted by Tim on February 3, 2007

Wow. It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? It’s a good thing we’ve got DePaul on the schedule this afternoon! They’ve only won 12 games so far this year! Their RPI sucks! This is going to be a cakewalk, right?! Right?!

Um, no.

Let’s not forget what happened last year.

To get you all pumped up for this afternoon’s must-win contest against the goddamn Blue Demons, I present you with a quick rundown of what everyone else is saying about SU hoops:

  • If you haven’t already read Brian’s recap of our disastrous/heartbreaking/humilating defeat at the hands of Notre Dame, I highly recommend it. As he says, “While the team struggles to find out who they are and what they are made of, the rest of the Orange Nation wonders if we can stand seeing a team in the NIT. Losing in the first round is tough enough, but to not make the tournament or have 20 wins might be a bigger shock and create more of an outrage.”

  • For anyone who missed it (like me, for example), John Kekis, who covers SU hoops for the Associated Press, wrote a pretty good profile of Demetris Nichols last weekend. Did everyone already know about his stuttering? I must have somehow missed that over the last four years. Also, as Baxter and Waters pointed out this week, D-Nic made the Wooden Award All-American Mid-Season Team (along with 29 other guys).

  • The dudes over at the Daily Orange sports section have crunched the numbers and determined the three keys to turning around SU’s three-game losing streak: Play with urgency, force turnovers and make establish a presence inside. In other words, Basketball 101. Thanks, guys.

  • Seth Davis dogs Eric Devendorf again (it’s the first item under “Other Hoop Thoughts”). This time, Davis calls out Devo for his ridiculous o’fer against Notre Dame. Davis has never been a fan of Devendorf’s, but it’s tough to argue with this time.

  • Michael Lazarus at Fox Sports has SU as one of the last teams out of the Field of 65.

  • Syracuse doesn’t even make this list of powerhouse teams that are most likely destined for the NIT. I’m not sure if that’s because we’re still on the NCAA Tournament bubble in some people’s minds (see previous item) or what. But I am sure of this: It warms my little orange heart to read the story’s headline, ” Once-mighty Huskies should pack for NIT.” And no, they’re not talking about Washington, which also makes an appearance in the article. File it under schadenfreude.


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