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Bring on the Three-peat…

Posted by ech1 on January 31, 2007

Well, it is now obvious that this team needs to get seriously en fuego at some point if they are going to do any NCAA dancing. What better time than the Big East Tournament? I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a nice four game run to glory? Honestly, last year’s Big East Tourney run is way up there in my favorite Syracuse basketball memories. Some of it may have been the circumstances in which I watched it, but still, what was better than four days of being the underdog and seeing Gerry shut people up and go out in glory? (note: what Texas A&M game?). Obviously, the championship run would be above it, and I would go for the runs leading up to the ’87 and ’96 losses… and that’s about it in my view. Hmm, my 4th-best SU basketball memory in the almost 25 years I can remember… I could deal with repeating that.

Anyway, I’m just rambling now, but my point is that this team is dead in the water unless they get hot. And if they can get hot during the Big East tourney, well, hell, I’ll take a three-peat… may as well win something this season.

On a related tangent (is that an oxymoron?), I’d love to hear people’s choices for Top Ten SU basketball memories, I’ve put four up for you above. I’ll add seeing the career of Jimmy B to round out a top 5. I know, that seems too easy, but what the heck, it’s my idea and there’s no format, so there’s 5 to get discussion started. Individual games, runs of games, players, rivalries… it’s all good.


One Response to “Bring on the Three-peat…”

  1. syracusan said

    Your top 4 kind of claim most everything that any Syracuse fan is likely to say. At least any in our age group. It would be a little crazy to list any regular season event as being better than a Final Four run, Championship, or Gerry’s show in the Garden, which had the whole country rocking.

    If you wanted to get more specific, I’d say J-Dub and Cipolla’s last second shots against Georgia in the 96 run are the single best highlights outside of 81-78 against Kansas. On a personal level, watching two years in a row of huge, clutch, close wins at Georgetown in ’03 and ’04 while I lived there were pretty hot. The first was Carmelo and Gerry winning in OT, which we watched from a box. That was probably the first time I came to understand the Carmelo ‘willpower’ factor, wherein Georgetown simply was not going to be allowed to win, no matter how hard or well they played. That game also featured a heck of a lot of Gerry’s ‘deal with the devil’ ridiculous 3’s from all over the court that he’d rarely make after his first two years. As far as the 2nd game we won at Georgetown in 04, I don’t recall many details, I just remember it culminated in a Gerry 3 at the buzzer to win it, which shut up the crowd in a most delightful way.

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