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Posted by syracusan on January 30, 2007

The Post-Standard finally got around to reporting the Moten story that Cuse Country readers learned about 3 days ago. Thanks to the intrepid reporting of that maven of melodrama, that guru of the grandiloquent, that epicure of exaggeration, Mr. Bud Poliquin, we now have independent confirmation of Sir Lawrence’s presence on the Hill.

I’ll give Bud credit, his ridiculously cheesy writing style did manage to get me all choked up with memories of Moten’s glory years. Poetry’s level of consistent excellence is hard to come by. He was a more dependable version of Gerry, if less spectacular and explosive. It blows my mind that the all time leading scorer in school history only averaged 14.3 shots per game over the course of his career. From day one Freshman year he averaged almost 20 points per game with those 14 shots – a nice reminder of what offensive efficiency is all about. I guarantee you 90% of those heaves were wide open, intelligent shots taken in the flow of the offense. Inside, outside, it didn’t matter – because he didn’t give you the chance to guard him. And oh those sneaky baseline moves; I still don’t know how he did it. Plus he showed up every single night for four years. What a player he was, what a player.

Oh, and I will admit Bud scooped me on one thing. Apparently Lawrence Moten has a daughter named–and I’m not making this up–Lawrencia. Awesome.


2 Responses to “follow up”

  1. Jer said

    Lawrencia: Not totally surprising since we know someone who plans to name her kid Carmelo-a.

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