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Some teams refuse to lose…

Posted by Daz on January 28, 2007

This team refuses to win.

It wasn’t that long ago when Syracuse had a number of players who you could count on to step it up when it mattered. I’m not trying to re-write history and say that we always won when we had, say, G-Mac shooting last second shots. But at least you knew that he would rather gargle razor blades than lose a close game.

Devendorf is our hungriest player right now and he’s a fighter. One of the best moments of the season so far was when he mixed it up with a much larger opponent in the game against the ‘Natti. After coming down with a contested rebound and a whistle was blown, Devo flung the ball at the guy he’d wrestled the ball from. The big Bearcat justifiably had something to say about it, but Devo just ice-grilled him with a nasty sneer. Then he spent the next five minutes trying to take that guy to the hole.

But, he’s also the first guy to help his opponents up off the floor and have little conversations. I always get the impression that he’s making plans to hang out with them after the game; either that or he’s talking about their mothers.

Unfortunately, last night White Chocolate’s passion was more than off-set by his turn-overs. When SU had given up the ball in three of four possessions when it was getting down to the wire, Devendorf was the perpetrator in a least two of them. Partly this is attributable to his consistent lack of control. But I can’t help but wonder how things might have turned out if other players were playing equally aggressively.

Most notably, where is Hot Nichols? Demetris was en fuego in pre-conference play — Paul “the Hustle” Harris scouted him as an NBA caliber talent and he was playing like it for a minute — but he’s been a non-factor late in close games recently. With under a minute to play he was wide-open at the three point line with a chance to bring it within one. What did the team’s top scorer do? He passed it, of course. Clearly he’s not been listening to enough Shaq. We don’t want you to pass it, dude.


One Response to “Some teams refuse to lose…”

  1. Michael said


    Didn’t Shaq used to hang with these guys:

    If you’ve never heard the full track – do yourself a favor and spend the $0.99 to buy the MP3 of “Movie Scene” and enjoy some awesome early 90’s hip hop. Maybe that’s what SU needs… “the backwards technique”.


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