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Poetry returns!

Posted by syracusan on January 26, 2007

I caught an episode of Syracuse Sidelines this afternoon on SNY and heard some interesting news. For those who don’t know, the low production value Sidelines is a generally entertaining weekly interview show with Jim Boeheim and other Syracuse figures. It’s a half an hour of softie questions and extremely low level analysis, and Mike Hopkins generally handles the 2nd half of the show. Part of the fun is watching Boeheim’s patience slowly run out, as he follows his predictable pattern of having fun (discussing college basketball nationally), getting fired up (defending the Big East), and then just getting annoyed (talking about his own team). I’d never seen it outside of central New York until this year, when the Mets channel once again made itself useful by picking it up. I haven’t figured out when it’s on in such a way to be able to catch it regularly–I’m not even sure if it’s on at the same time each week–but it’s a fun way to kill 30 minutes when I stumble on it.

Also, occasionally one can find out some interesting news. For instance, guess who’s back on the scene upstate? None other than Syracuse’s and the Big East’s all time leading scorer, Lawrence Moten. Boeheim casually mentioned that Moten has re-enrolled at SU to finish up his degree, and that he’s been hanging out with the team while he’s around. They had some footage of him practicing with the team, and the man looked crisp! (Considering that he and Hopkins were teammates, I can tell you right now that Moten is in way better shape nowadays.)

Jimmy stressed that Moten wasn’t assisting with coaching, but just acting as a veteran presence for the guys and trying to impart some wisdom. And get this: it’s not just a one or two time thing – Jimmy said Moten will be with the team for the rest of the season. In fact, in the footage Moten was wearing the exact same practice uniforms as the rest of the players, and appeared to be seamlessly integrated into the normal drills. He wasn’t draining jumpers all over everyone or dominating the ball; instead he was moving on offense, passing, trying to fit in, and generally following the directions of the coaches.


Hmmm…lets put two and two together: Lawrence Moten is a student at SU. He is an undergrad. He is not acting in any coaching capacity (probably to avoid NCAA rules that limit coach-player contact outside of practice, or the amount of staff positions they’re allowed to have at any given time). He is doing everything the regular players are doing other than on game day. He will be with the team the rest of the year. Result? Lawrence Moten is SU’s newest walk-on! Awesome!

Other than the fact that he’s not eligible to enter games, as far as I can tell that’s seriously his role. My only question is whether or not he’ll be sitting on the bench during games (probably not). Because if you see someone sneak into the game wearing a Nichols jersey who’s strangely smooth on the court and looks a little long in the tooth, you’ll know what happened. Especially after he drops 30 points in the first half.

Oh yeah, and Hopkins related overhearing this conversation last week:

SU equipment manager: Hey Lawrence! Still got those extra-long socks?
Moten: Does Superman still have his cape?

This could be just what the doctor ordered.


4 Responses to “Poetry returns!”

  1. voteprime said

    Until he retired last year, Moten was a player coach for the ABA’s Maryland Nighthawks. In fact, I think that’s his photo in the masthead and they still list him as VP of Player Development. So I guess that’s why he still looks good on the court.

  2. Josh said

    Moten is still listed as “Vice President of Player Development” for the ABA Maryland Nighthawks. (Whatever THAT means.) He played for them last year and made the ABA allstar team so it’s no surprise that he is in game shape.

    I find myself pondering who stands to benefit most from his tutelage… who’s the most Motenesque guy on the team? Rautins?

  3. voteprime said

    An article on Gerry and other players choosing between b-ball in Europe and the NBDL. $18,000/year vs. twice as much or even 6-figures in Gerry’s case? It would be hard not to ride the bend for 6-figures if I knew how low my other options were. You’ve gotta respect that decision on Gerry’s part to give it one last shot to reach his dream of the NBA.

  4. I’ve actually been catching Sidelines on SNY on Saturday mornings at 11:30 AM. Not sure if that’s the regular schedule, but it’s been that way the last three weeks.

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