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Pro Update 1-22

Posted by Josh on January 23, 2007

The big non-NFL news in the sports world was Carmelo Anthony’s return to action last night against the Grizzlies (and Hak Warrick). How would Melo and Iverson coexist? Would Carmelo be rusty or fresh? The coverage went a bit overboard in my opinion, especially when I discovered this column which analyzes every single on-court interaction between the two stars. But when you see this play, it’s hard to deny that they have a chance for something special. Melo had 28 points, 5 rebs, 6 assists, and a fantastic time getting back on the court. Still, it was against the woeful Grizzlies; we’ll have to wait to see how they play against superior teams. (We’ll have to wait a little longer, too; tonight’s game is against Seattle.)

Speaking of the Grizz, Warrick had a reasonably solid game in Denver with 11 points and 3 rebounds in 21 minutes. This is his third double-digit game in a row, although the previous two games he had 10 points and 10 points. Those were in fewer minutes, too. There are two fresh rumors that Pau Gasol might be on his way out in a trade, which would open the rotation back up for Hak to get some more touches on offense. But unless/until that happens, I think we’re in for similar numbers from Hakim for the bulk of the rest of the year.

Etan Thomas on Friday had his best game since coming back from injury, scoring 10 and grabbing 6 rebounds in 27 minutes in a pivotal matchup vs. Orlando as the Wizards battle for the top spot in their division (not to mention the entire Eastern Conference). He followed that up with four points and five (!) blocked shots against Boston on Saturday. But he’s only getting between 15 and 20 minutes most games.

Jason Hart has not played since his one-second designated-fouler appearance on Jan 4.


Gerryhad a rough game in his most recent outing, scoring 8 and leading the team in both assists (4) and turnovers (5) as Bakersfield got punished by Idaho Sunday. (But then, who among us has not been punished by Idaho?) This is after going scoreless (0-3 shooting) in only 12 minutes Friday. However, earlier in the week he was outstanding in a pair of wins: 17 points and 3 dimes Tuesday, followed by 20 points and 7 assists Wednesday, shooting nearly 50% from the field in those two games combined. Puzzling. I hope he’s not hurt again — you don’t stay on NBDL rosters if you are hurt, but you also don’t help your career chances by playing poorly while nursing an injury. His trend this month has been two good games followed by two bad games then back to good games; we’ll see if that persists in their next outing. Also, as part of “D-League Showcase Week” on, we get this article about Gerry and his experiences thus far with the Jam.


Of note: the Daily Orange (alma publicatio of Cuse Country contributor Tom) has a nice feature on players going overseas, featuring Jason Hart, Gerry, and Josh Pace (who is still teamless).

Preston Shumpert on Sunday had his best game by far since joining his new squad, scoring 19 points and grabbing 12 rebounds in the win. Otis Hill had 19 points and 7 rebs in his team’s Polish league game Sunday, giving him an average of 19.75 ppg over his last four league games. In their final Uleb Cup match on Tuesday, he played only 7 minutes due to foul trouble. Anwil soundly missed the Uleb playoffs. Also missing the Uleb elimination round is Elvir Ovcina’s Oostende team. He had 12 points and 12 rebounds in their last game (and gets some love in this game report). Both players will still have intranational games for the next couple months.


Ryan Blackwell had 26 points and 8 rebounds Saturday, but only 12 points and 7 rebounds Sunday. Guess which game his team won and which it lost?

Damone Brown did not make the All-Star team (a travesty of justice) and though regular season play has resumed, he did not play in either of the first two games. No idea why not, and the chances of being able to find out why not are pretty slim indeed. Unless someone out there knows Japanese.


Kueth Duany blew up for 28 points and 6 rebounds in a game vs. Maryland on Sunday. Maryland’s organization has excellent stat-keeping and detailed game stories, by the way. Z Sims had 13 points and 9 boards on Saturday in Detroit.



One Response to “Pro Update 1-22”

  1. voteprime said

    In an article about the Nelson Giants’ coach (the New Zealand team Josh Pace starred on last season), they talk about the coach trying to rebuild basically the same team from last year. Towards the end of the article Josh Pace gets a very quick but but important mention: “Vucinic will name his import players in the near future but it’s no secret that re-signing Allstar Five swingman Josh Pace was high on his list of things to do.”

    So maybe Josh Pace won’t be teamless for too much longer!

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