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How to ruin a weekend in New York

Posted by Josh on January 22, 2007

10 weeks into the season, I still don’t know what to make of this team. I thought things were becoming clear last week — they seemed like they’d turned a corner in their development, a logical progression for a team trying to find its new identity — but in the last three halves of basketball, against less-talented teams, there has been no hint that this team ever knew what it was doing. By the end of February, we will either be saying “How in the world did these guys lose to St. John’s?” or “How in the world did these guys beat Villanova and Marquette?” But right now, the season rests precisely on that knife’s edge, with a stretch of legitimately tough opponents looming. They have used up their safety margin. The clock starts now. (Cue ominous music.)

I had 5 hours’ worth of travel time back to DC immediately following Sunday’s disaster at MSG, and no matter how I tried I could not stop dwelling on what I saw transpire in that famed arena. It was so much in my head that in the book I was trying to read, the word “Jonah’s” kept being transmuted to “St. John’s”. The afternoon’s events even now swirl in my skull, yet I am at a loss to explain them, even to comprehend how they could have actually happened. How can an offense that was so crisp 8 days ago have devolved into something that resembles performing surgery with a snowshovel? The numbers, revolting as they are, do not illustrate the true incompetence of the half-court offense. One has to subtract most of the late-game points, such as the two 3-pointers that Devendorf hit from basically a standstill. Those were not “good shots” that came from the flow of the offense, but rather a successful desperation measure when nothing else showed any signs of working.

For a moment I was tempted to put some blame on the officials — this was one of the most unevenly called games I have ever seen — but the inconsistent officiating was ultimately not biased in favor of one team or the other. Both teams got their share of bad calls, or more accurately bad non-calls. It may have contributed some to the complete lack of offensive flow. But really, even if the refs had been sharper, the players would still have been boneheaded. Despite the syracusan’s anti-Rautins rant below, this loss was the fault of almost everyone out there. Only Devendorf’s late-game heroics save him from sharing as much of the blame (though don’t forget he shot 2-7 in the first half). The ineptitude on display pretty much obliterated the good mood I’d accumulated spending the weekend with my friends in New York and kicking some Trivial Pursuit tuchus. In other words:


OK, now I feel a little better. (But not really.)


2 Responses to “How to ruin a weekend in New York”

  1. bobbyk said

    We stink!!!! How point blank lay ups did Mookie miss? I’m thinking at least half a dozen. These were shots that weren’t even contested. You have to make those shots. His rebounding numbers were atrocious also.

  2. Michael said

    I offer:

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