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Posted by Tim on January 17, 2007

Check out these exchanges from recent Insider chats:


Dan (Syracuse): Doug, What do you think about Syracuse as of late? Have they maybe started to find their groove, the one we have all been looking for from the preseason? That was a nice win on the road at Marquette.

Doug Gottlieb: It sure seems like Syracuse is playing now as we all expected them to play. Maybe it is the drecreasing minutes of Harris and going with veterans. Maybe it is the incredible offensive play of Eric Devendorf. Or maybe it’s matchups, as they are playing better D. They have held their opponents in the 30’s shooting percentage wise in the last three games, that will win you games.

Katz (emphasis added):

Todd (VA): Same multi-bid question, different league. With VCU leading the league, Old Dominion having quality wins, Hofstra lurking, and Mason starting to return to form, any chance the CAA pulls a second bid again this year?

Andy Katz: You forgot Drexel. Everyone always forgets Drexel, which has wins at Villanova (possible bubble team) and Syracuse (possible bubble team). I do think the CAA has a shot at two bids but it’s going to be close again this season.


Jon (NYC): Here are 5 SOS and 5 teams as of 1/16: 37, 80, 85, 107, 143 Clemson, Florida, Oregon, Syracuse and Wisconsin Now can you guess which team goes with which? You would assume if you listen to all the experts that Syracuse is 143, but SURPRISE SURPRISE, Syracuse is? 37! 37 (Syracuse) 80 (Clemson) 85 (Wisconsin) 107 (Oregon) 143 (Florida) Now can people please stop criticizing Jimmy B and Syracuse because they may have played at home (its called not losing money on your basketball programs) but they scheduled quality opponents, not cupcakes.

Jay Bilas: You are correct. The people that criticize Boeheim’s schedule are incorrect, although I respect that reasonable minds can differ. In addition, Calhoun’s schedule was not wrong, either. He is building a team and trying to build its confidence. He backloaded it. Does anyone think that the Huskies would be better off by having played a bunch of tough games and lost them going into conference play? I agree with you. The numbers can be worked however you like.

Also, check out Seth Davis on Eric Devendorf (last item on page): “I never liked Eric Devendorf’s on-court antics at Syracuse, but after watching Devendorf go through a recent funk (brought on in part by the shooting of one of his friends back home), I realize Devendorf needs that chip on his shoulder to be effective. So now I say he should keep it there.”


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