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Posted by syracusan on January 16, 2007

The Syracusan’s in the House, oh my God, oh my God. I’m back from my 21 day journey out of the country and I’m happy to see the team didn’t totally collapse in my absence. A loss to Pitt but a win vs everyone else – about the best I could have hoped for. Devo’s back up, Harris is down a bit, Mike Jones is gone, but the front line is playing great. I’m still catching up, but I plan to ease my selfback in as a contributor to this blog ASAP.

As I was reviewing all the articles I missed on, for some reason I felt compelled to check the football side as well. Thus I came across this article about Dr. Gross pimping the SU basketball team out to USC in order to secure a football series with his beloved Trojans. Apparently they’ve got a handshake deal for home-and-homes in both sports now. I wonder how this will fly with Jimmy? As I understand it he has complete control over SU’s schedule, and it’s hard to imagine him being thrilled with Gross arranging a massive non-conference trip out west. Early season trips to California to play BCS schools is not Boeheim’s style, to say the least. I’m sure the players won’t mind, nor us fans for that matter, but it’s interesting to imagine how that conversation went between coach and AD. It’s hard to see Jimmy being happy that his program was used as a bargaining chip to benefit football, at the cost of a cozy home game against St Bonaventure or some such team.

Speaking of “benefits” for the football team, don’t forget this means Gross has also scheduled two humiliating 50 point defeats for Greg Robinson in the coming years. I hope he’s happy. According to the football blogs he’s also got a hard on for scheduling Texas in the next year or two. I wonder what team the good Dr. has been watching the last two years? How can he think this is appropriate?


2 Responses to “trojans”

  1. Jer said

    I realize your main point is about how the dynamic between Boeheim and Gross worked in this scheduling situation, which likely involved Gross offering to name his first child Jimmy B. Gross in order to get some leeway.

    But I’m just excited that the home and away is happening. For at least one season, the pundits won’t be able to talk about how we didn’t even leave ‘New York State’ (like Buffalo and NYC aren’t both healthy roadtrips). Also, a trip to sunny southern California can only lift the spirits of team members who have bravely chosen to spend up to four years in the cold, overcast tundra of Central New York.

    But the football team. I don’t know that they’re going to do. I’m a little worried about triple digits.

  2. Tim said

    Two things:

    1. Can anyone say “Cuse Country road trip”? SoCal here we come…

    2. Um, never mind. That’s it. ROAD TRIP!!! HOLLA!!

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