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Great minds…

Posted by Tim on January 15, 2007

OrangeFan clearly agrees with last night’s take on the rest of the season, even adding an optimistic spin on things with a prediction of up to 12 conference wins.

Here’s a prediction of my own: If we don’t win at least 11 Big East games, we’re all going to be very nervous on Selection Sunday. Given that we have four games remaining against the bottom of the league, 11 victories would mean a 4-4 record against remaining opponents with an RPI currently under 100 (only two of which are currently under 50). That’s just not that impressive. We really need to step it up.

In any other season, an 11-5 league record would be more than solid. With the Big East ranked 7th in conference RPI according to and no giants lingering just over the horizon waiting to be killed, we’ll be in danger with anything less.

PS: Number-crunching college basketball blogger Ken Pomeroy predicts a 10-6 conference mark for SU. But check this: His math current shows us losing to Louisville, Notre Dame, UConn (at home) and Georgetown by a total of 5 points. Those games are within reach, in other words.

PPS: If we perform exactly as Pomeroy predicts, we’ll be playing in the NIT unless we win the Big East Tournament again. You heard it here first.

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