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Pro Update – NBA

Posted by Josh on January 13, 2007

Etan Thomas is back on the court for the Wizards. Last night was his 2nd game back. Unsurprisingly, he did not jump right back into the starting lineup. I watched some of the game and he looked a bit rusty, even on defense which is supposed to be where he contributes most to the Zards’ game plan. 16 minutes, 5 points, 2 rebs. He missed a total of 13 games; it is bound to take him some time to rediscover his rhythm. He may not start again for a while, unless something happens to Haywood, but the thing to watch will be whether his overall minutes get back up to where they were before the injury.

Hakim Warrick’s stunning transformation from leading scorer to meager contributor continued last night. 7 minutes, 2 points. I didn’t know until just now that they fired Mike Fratello just before 2007 (wasn’t paying attention) and there is a new coach emphasizing running and the transition game. One would think Hak would be a dunking machine in such situations, but I guess the new guy doesn’t think so. I’m starting to hope GM Jerry West (pictured) makes a move before he rides off into the sunset (possibly after this season). The kid clearly showed he can play at this level. Give him minutes (youth movement) or trade him to someone who wants him. Right now the situation has got to be hindering his development, and very possibly his confidence.

Jason Hart – another DNP. Carmelo is back on Monday the 22nd, at home vs. Memphis. Reunion night for Melo & Hak. Maybe by then, Denver will have also signed Gerry McNamara. Considering they just traded for Steve Blake, they are clearly desperate for backups to Iverson who are willing to share the ball. Gerry continues to lead his NBDL team in assists per game, dishing 9 of them last night (though he had a 2nd straight poor shooting game after his 29-point outburst last week). And, come on. Steve Blake? Really? I mean, REALLY? It just goes to show that all a random scrub point guard needs to do is catch on with a team and play meaningful minutes (usually only because of injuries to the main guys) without totally sucking, and suddenly he is a viable NBA player. Come to think of it, that’s the same sort of thing that happened to Jason Hart, who is now in his 6th NBA season, 4th since being rescued from oblivion by the Spurs in 2003 when Tony Parker got injured. All Gerry needs is that kind of chance and he’ll stick in the league at least as long as these other guys.

P.S. Gerry is 5th in the D-league in assists per game; Tony Bland is 7th! Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, Tony Bland is BACK! Oops pow surprise!

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