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Can you watch the ‘Nova game?

Posted by Tim on January 12, 2007

Via the SU basketball forum, follow this link for a map of who gets to see the SU-Nova matchup on CBS (it’s a PDF). Here’s a hint: If you’re not in the Northeast, you’re probably SOL unless the Tennessee-OSU game is a blowout.

Thanks to TVOrange.


4 Responses to “Can you watch the ‘Nova game?”

  1. Josh said

    Fascinating map! Strange that a fairly large chunk of Upstate NY is not “Constant” for the SU game, meaning that they might change over if it’s a sucky game. This nonconstant region includes the stations in Albany and Buffalo. (And much of PA as well, including Scranton, even though it is midway between the two schools.) Odd.

    Also, New Hampshire apparently does not have its own CBS station.

    But the good news is, we get Raftery! “ONIONS!”

  2. Josh said

    I was going to post something about how this “nationally televised” game was going to be one of SU’s best remaining chances to improve their image among the pollsters and pundits and Selection Commitee Members if they put together a good solid game. But this map has throttled that notion. At least they will get some in-game highlights out there.

  3. One day, Montana will come to know the force that is Syracuse basketball. But today is not that day.

  4. On a bright note, SU grad Ian Eagle will be on the mike.

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