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Where are the Rutgers blogs?

Posted by Tim on January 10, 2007

Several Cuse Country contributors — including yours truly, Tom, Josh and Jer — are heading down to the RAC tonight to see how long it takes us to get our asses kicked for chanting “Foot-ball’s ov-er clap clap clapclaplclap.” I’d planned to get the competitive juices flowing by linking to — and mocking — some Rutgers basketball blogs, but I couldn’t find any.

Can this really be? Kindly leave links and alternate anti-Scarlet Knights chants in the comments. And if you’re going to be at the game tonight, look for the four guys in orange getting beer poured on their heads. That’ll be us.


7 Responses to “Where are the Rutgers blogs?”

  1. Josh said

    There is a blog at that seems pretty dry. Here is a message-board site called (for some undoubtedly clever reason) The Grease Truck, but its connection is like their basketball team — slow and unreliable. There is also this site.

  2. Yeah, that blog is the only consistent one I’ve seen. He’s part of the Big East Bloggers Poll.

    Have fun at the game. You MUST stop by the Grease Trucks to grab a Fat Darrell. It’s a moral imperative.

  3. Tim said

    Fat Darrell: It’s what’s for dinner.

    If I eat one of these, will they make me King of the Winter Carnival?

  4. Bill said

    I will be headed over to the RAC fairly shortly. I think we (Syracuse fans) will have at least half the crowd tonight. We’re usually at least a third in the Rutgers games, but they’re pretty bad this year, so maybe not as many students show up. It should be a fun time. I’ve got nosebleed seats and am hoping to move down in place of a bunch of no shows.

    (By the way, I went to Rutgers but am a lifelong Syracuse hoops fan)

  5. Marco said

    Hey thanks for joining…

    Here are this weekends games

    West Virginia at Marquette
    Tennessse at Ohio State
    Clemson at Maryland
    Georgetown at Pitt
    UCLA at USC
    Missouri St. at Southern Illinois

    Oregon at Arizona
    Illinois at Michigan State

    Send me your picks at

    And i’ll work on getting that pony

  6. The Grease Truck is Rutgers answer to Marshall Street. It’s basically a truck where the guy sells pitas out of, stuffed with ungodly things that will clog every part of your circulatory system. I recommend the “Fat Bitch”. Yes, that really is on the menu. Go Jersey! You learn these things when dating a Jersey Girl.

    In regards to a good heckle, I always perfer the STAAAATE SCHOOL! STAAAATE SCHOOL!

  7. Here’s a Rutgers blog that started totally as a football blog, but has since taken up the cause of the women’s hoops team, especially after Don Imus’s racist rants against

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