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What is this ‘road win’ you speak of?

Posted by Tim on January 7, 2007

I tuned into tonight’s game against Marquette just in time to see the Golden Eagles’ Jerel McNeal grab a couple of steals in a row midway through the first half. Since I’d just finished watching the Giants lose to the Eagles in a game that never seemed as close as the final score, I was worried that maybe I was a jinx. But I was pleasantly surprised by the first SU game I’ve watched all season that I never really thought we were in serious danger of losing. Sure, it was close. But the zone was working, everyone hit the boards, the half-court offense actually existed and there were even a number of really nice fast breaks.


  • Demetris didn’t play spectacularly, but he did drain an amazing jump-back three in the second half that showed a bad shooting night couldn’t hurt his confidence.

  • Eric Devendorf made an unreal leaping, slicing, scooping lay up in traffic. Wow, I thought, there’s no way he could do that again. Then he did.

  • The ESPN crew assigned to call tonight’s game weren’t shy about praising good play. Given the shaky start the season has gotten off to, it was a pleasant change to hear real live commentators say words like “Syracuse is playing really well right now.”

I often check right after a game to get a first look at the box score. Usually, at least this year, it has been an exercise in self-flagellation. I expected tonight to be different. But no! First thing I saw, staring me right in the face: “A lack of angry e-mails from ‘Cuse fans after the first Bracketology of 2007 brings great joy to Joe Lunardi.” Clicking through, I found this (subscription required):

I am so proud of our Bracketology readers this season. In years past, if I unveiled a bracket in which a “name” team such as Syracuse was excluded, it would have taken about eight minutes for the e-mail in-box to overflow. This season? Not a peep from Orange partisans (even before Thursday night’s home loss to Pitt). Slowly, perhaps inexorably, even the most blinded fans are beginning to realize that when their team loses to every Top 100 opponent on its schedule, bad things happen with respect to NCAA Tournament consideration.

It’s true that Syracuse hadn’t done anything to merit inclusion in anyone’s first look at a field of 65. But is the gratuitous cheap shot at SU’s fans (“the most blinded”) really necessary? Anyway, now that they’ve got a win over a team that beat Duke and Texas Tech, hopefully we’ll hear less of this kind of thing.


2 Responses to “What is this ‘road win’ you speak of?”

  1. Josh said

    Road win? Of course. SU is now 2-0 on the road (2-1 if you count the “neutral site” game vs Ok St) and with a trip to the notorious RAC up next. Rutgers has been so bad this year we might not need Jer’s magic suitcase!

  2. bobbyk said

    Nah the national pundits will to continue to slam ‘Cuse no matter what. Duke regularly plays one of the weakest non conference schedules in the country. Yet pundits like Dick V and Doug Gottleib never seem to notice even while they’re slamming ‘Cuse.

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