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A good sign

Posted by Josh on January 7, 2007

The title of this post refers to two things. First, that among the objects being waved in the Marquette student section when SU took foul shots was a giant cutout of Dick Vitale’s head. Second, that unlike many games this year, the team was able to weather the opponent’s momentum and respond when the game was on the line. Ending the game on a 15-3 run is fantastic, even if most of it was foul shots. (PS. How about draining two free throws when the 75-85% guys couldn’t hit one to save their lives?)

Going into the game, this was one where needed to dominate inside, and basically did. Mookie played another outstanding game. The rebounding numbers were about even but it seemed like we controlled the boards pretty well. Meanwhile, our offense was able to get a number of layups while our defense did not give up too many. If anyone can find a “points in the paint” stat I’d like to see it because the game felt like we were well ahead in that category. The defense was good overall — they really extended the zone out towards Marquette’s shooters and let Mook handle things in the paint. Quite a different tactic than when facing Aaron Gray. My only beef is that the unforced-error bug resurfaced — but when they played under control, the Orangemen were clearly the better team. Marquette’s last steal was with 6:27 remaining, the resulting basket made it 51-50. After that SU basically took care of the ball and soon started to pull away.

Speaking of interior defense:

On a personal note, I would like to thank the Washington Nationals for existing — not only do I get to see a bunch of Mets games every year, but their new cable sports channel MASN has picked up all of SU’s “ESPN Regional” broadcasts to fill their winter programming lineup. This means I will get to see just about every game from the comfort of my living room. Sweet!


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