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Paul Harris = The Hustle

Posted by Tom on January 4, 2007

I’m tired of waiting for the general population to come up with de facto nicknames for our best players. Paul Harris has a nickname, and the discussion is over before it even started. His nickname:

The Hustle

Watching the Pitt game tonight, this is what I kept screaming at the TV in the middle of the Bleecker St. bar 1849. “The Hustle!” Look at the hustle. This is what defines this man’s game. Paul Harris follows missed shots. He’s always the guy slamming a miss home even after a foul is called. He’s the guy picking up offensive rebounds when Mookie and Terrence are already drifting back upcourt, and dumping them in the hoop before they even change direction. The steals in the half court that lead to fast breaks. It’s all about the Hustle. In addition, it has an alternate connotation in the “Hustle and Flow” sense, which is also awesome.

So that’s it. Forget about “Pa Ha,” “The Dominator,” or any other lame nickname that would have been stuck to the kid. You heard it first on Cuse Country. The Hustle.


One Response to “Paul Harris = The Hustle”

  1. JC said

    I’m giving Josh Wright the nickname of McCroskey…he plays just as selfish and stupid as Louie. He should take a cue from Louie and Mike Jones and TRANSFER.

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