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Kenpom Predicts the Big East

Posted by Tim on January 2, 2007

Okay, not really. But if you scroll past all the talk about Albany’s defeat of Utah, you can read college basketball’s reigning stat king’s take on the Big East:

Big East – 1. UConn 2. Notre Dame 3. A bunch of options with WVU a surprise team in the mix. CW: Preseason…1. Pitt 2. Georgetown 3. UConn. Now…1. Pitt 2./3. Georgetown/UConn. UConn and WVU haven’t really played anybody, but I think it’s fair to say that WVU is better than most thought and UConn has done nothing to disprove that they can win the conference. Notre Dame was a preseason 10th pick in Blue Ribbon. Pitt is only 37th in the ratings. I still think the Big East is wide open, and I wouldn’t have regrets about taking Notre Dame if you wanted to take UConn or Pitt.


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