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Potential Buddy Flicks

Posted by Tom on December 23, 2006

With the prospect of a few pairs of high school buddies on next year’s team (Harris/Flynn, Jackson/Jardine) and a general soft spot for the whole buddy film genre, I’ve been trying to come up with the pairing of current or former Orange members that would make the best pair in one of these movies. Here’s my pick:

Craig Forth & Jeremy McNeil, Cop partners
Basic Plot: The duo that split time at the center in the ’03 national championship run struggle to find direction after college and despite losing touch, join the force simultaeously and find themselves as partners. Forth follows orders like a junior hall monitor in an effort to please the captain, while the irascible McNeil dispenses justice by his own code, bungling Forth’s dreams of a promotion at every turn. Because they’re 7’0 and 6’9 respectively and won’t fit into a standard cruiser, the department is forced to modify a beat-up Lincoln Continental and turn it into their squad car. McNeil never speaks. Ever.

The field is rich with possibilities, so let’s hear some other ideas in the comments section.


2 Responses to “Potential Buddy Flicks”

  1. Tim said

    This is a brilliant idea. If 2003 had never happened, I’d suggest casting Boeheim and Fine as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in an adaptation of “The Impossible Dream.” Just one more reason to be thankful for Carmelo Anthony.

  2. ech1 said

    I nominate the tandem of Otis Hill and Jason Cippola.

    But forget buddy flicks… I have the copyright on “Matt Gorman: Soldier of Fortune”. Trust me, this is the franschise that will replace Bond. The first of the series will be about Gorman teaming up with his ex-teammate Mookie to clean up the mean streets of Paterson, NJ… with a little help from Terrence, the famous international male model.

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