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Superior rebounding?

Posted by Tim on December 21, 2006

To respond to the Syracusan’s point below, it’s no mystery why Orange fans (except, apparently, OrangeFan) are dissatisfied with this year’s front court. Their margin in total rebounds currently stands at +39, or +3.25 per game; when you look at just offensive boards, the margin is -23. There’s no logical way a team with guys like Mookie and Terrence should be half a hair over the break-even point in rebounding at this point in the season, especially given the teams we’ve played so far. Canisius out-rebounded us 46 to 28 overall and 25 to 9 (!) on the offensive glass, for chrissakes. That’s what drives people nuts.

Am I missing the forest for the trees?


One Response to “Superior rebounding?”

  1. Orangefan said

    My quibble is that you are looking at team total rebounds, then slamming Roberts and Watkins for it. The fact is, our starting frontcourt as a unit rebounds pretty well – as a unit, they are 6th best in the conference. The problem is that SU has no frontcourt rebounding depth. We all love Matt Gorman and wish him the best, but he just has not rebounded well at all this year. The other problem is that, aside from Harris when he plays there, the SU backcourt underperforms in rebounding. This is crucial for Syracuse. Opponents have taken 287 three pointers against the SU defense this year. That is 50 more attempts than any other team in the league has allowed. SU’s defense against the three has been pretty good – holding opponents to a .314 percentage from the arc, good for 5th in the conference. However, the 197 missed threes thus far have often lead to long rebounds that our guards are just not getting to. You can’t blame Mookie and TRob for not getting to these boards (although, I think Nichols could do a little better job here).

    Great blog, by the way. I’ll update my links soon and give you guys a spot.

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