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Posted by Tim on December 20, 2006

OrangeRay says:

Unfortunately this team is looking a lot like last year regarding the offense. A bunch of guys standing around letting a senior take on the whole burden and carrying the offense. Take last years’ team, replace GMac with DNic, and it looks very similar (on offense).

Ack. Let’s hope not. Unless, of course, the alternative is Demetris Nichols having to live through Preston Shumpert’s senior year. But then who’s this year’s Deshaun Williams?


2 Responses to “Oy”

  1. syracusan said

    The glimmer of hope here is that a senior averaging 25 per night is a very different scenario from a senior averaging 16 like GMac last year. If Nichols plays like the last 4 games, the offense will be fine. Other teams will key on him so much, the rest of the guys will be able to find holes.

    I repeat, we scored 79. That would have blown Wichita State and Oklahoma State out of the water.

  2. Josh said

    I think if things keep going like this Devendorf is a candidate to be this year’s DeShaun, or he at least has formed an exploratory committee.

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