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best front court in the Big East

Posted by syracusan on December 20, 2006

Cuse Country editor-in-chief Tim linked us to a new blog recently––so I perused some recent entries and found a great empirical analysis of SU’s front court. He concluded the same thing that I’ve been suspecting for a while: these guys are way the hell better than SU fans are giving them credit for. We’re going to miss them when they’re gone and we revert to life without such unbelievable size and athleticism. This according to OrangeFan:

Placed in comparison to the other front lines in the league, the Orange bigs are surprisingly productive. Some will argue that is because they are being lifted by Demetris Nichols’ offensive outburst, but its more than that. I did some analyses that were purely defensive in nature. Many are going to be surprised to learn that the defense and rebounding provided by the Orange bigs is superior in relation to the rest of the conference.

Read the whole post, it’s good stuff. He looks at 8 statistical categories and concludes that collectively our guys are the best of the 16 front courts in the conference. That’s saying something, considering Georgetown’s dynamic duo, Pitt’s Aaron Gray, UConn’s usual array, etc. Granted Nichols is boosting some of those numbers big time, but most of the categories OrangeFan looked at didn’t focus on offense. People that like to hate on Mookie and Terrence need to get a dose of perspective. If you only compare them to Carmelo and Hakim, then fine, they’ll never live up to that. But that’s not a helpful comparison. Instead compare them to normal college basketball big men, and you’ll see that we’re incredibly lucky.

Instead, start worrying about how painfully unproductive, turnover-prone, and defensively weak our guards have been most of the year.


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