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not the answer

Posted by syracusan on December 19, 2006

AI just got shipped off to Denver, according to prelim reports. It’s hard to imagine this working out long term, unless Iverson tones down his game big time. Either way, this just about guarantees that Melo will never win a scoring championship – at least until Iverson retires or slows down with age – which sucks as far as I’m concerned. The Nugs gave up Andre Miller in the deal, who was the perfect type of unselfish floor general that allows Melo to shine. If AI keeps Melo out of the Hall of Fame by dominating the ball for the next 5 years, I’m not going to be a happy camper. Neither will Melo for that matter, which is why a lot of people are assuming this experiment is going to blow up in Denver’s face.

People are trying to talk about how Iverson subjugated his game for the team in the 20o4 Olympics, so it proves he’s capable of it. Plus he averages 7 assists a game or so. But still, there’s going to be major problems in the 4th quarter, and it’s going to take a lot of humility for two 30+ ppg players to accept scoring only in the low 20’s each game. The only way it works is if they win, win often, and win big.

One positive: AI might be able to teach Carmelo a thing or two about A) superstars playing defense, and B) staying out of trouble. Iverson used to get in trouble even more than Melo does now, but he figured himself out a while ago and hasn’t made any real waves in years.


One Response to “not the answer”

  1. Josh said

    How many people think this trade would have still happened if Carmelo had not been suspended for 25% of the remaining season? Show of hands please?

    Anyway, they will have a while to work things out. Iverson is signed through the 08-09 season, while Melo signed a 5-year extension before this season began. Upside: Shaq/Wade. Downside: Garnett/Sprewell.

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