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Posted by Jer on December 19, 2006

I have to admit to be excited about tonight’s matchup against Drexel and not just because we’ll be facing a hot team, but because it brings me back to the two years I lived in Philly in a dump of an apartment building pretty much on the Drexel campus, where the residents favorite sport was not basketball, but punching holes through the thin plywood walls.

Drexel students didn’t get fired up for basketball all that often, but when they did it was for matchups against other Philly schools and for Syracuse. While Drexel always longed to compete at a level of their Big Five brethren, they usually fell short of that goal. But this year, with wins over Villanova and St. Joe’s, their sights turn to the north.

Their recent focus on the Orange has less to do with an ancient rivalry and more to do with a past neighbor. Hakim Warrick grew up in West Philly, only blocks away from the Drexel campus, and went to Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, just up the Main Line from Drexel. Even while attending Syracuse, Hak would return home during breaks from school and shoot around on the Drexel campus with current Dragons. There was an article about it in the Post-Standard in 2004, but unfortunately the P-S doesn’t believe access to everything on the internet should be free.

The Drexel student newspaper, The Triangle, wrote a brief preview of the game in 2004, which I distinctly remember because they misspelled both Hakim and Gerry McNamara’s names (although they at least corrected Warrick’s name for the online edition). They didn’t grace us with such an online preview for this season, although they are ready to answer the question of why Drexel basketball is better than televison.

Too bad Warrick is headed to San Antonio for a game tomorrow or maybe he could attend. I guess Carmelo could show up to the Dome instead, as he won’t have anything to do for the next few weeks.


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