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The puppetmaster

Posted by Tom on December 18, 2006

Anyone else wondering what the deal is with Boeheim’s lineup tinkering? It worries me, personally. You can’t keep toying with guys like this. I’d imagine Boeheim feels like practice needs a little more intensity, but do you really want to toy with the confidence of two players (Harris and Devendorf) who are clearly among your best 5? The revolving door approach to the 2 guard starting spot could totally backfire and start turning guys against each other. I can’t help but imagine an “intense” practice devolving into a 3 way cage match between Harris, Devendorf, and Rautins. Rautins is quickly dismembered, and the final showdown ends with Devendorf as the victor owing to the butterfly knife he almost certainly has stashed in his sock at all times.

Speaking of Devendorf, a choice self portrait from his facebook profile:eric-devendorf.jpg


7 Responses to “The puppetmaster”

  1. Tim said

    Can anyone tell what dorm he’s in? Just curious…

  2. That question wasn’t stalkerish in the least…

    All I know is, it ain’t Brewster/Boland. Brew 9 For Life!

  3. Tim said

    Hey, I’m only asking so we know where to look if we can’t find all of Andy Rautins after the cage match…

  4. Josh said

    I hope it’s the dorm shaped like a toilet. Just cuz it’s awesome.

  5. ech1 said

    Last I knew, athletes lived at Skytop.

  6. JC said

    Last year he was my neighbor on Winding Ridge…so I’m assuming he took this at his home unless he’s really weird and goes to other people’s dorm rooms to take pictures of himself. Or it could be the basketball wing.

  7. Josh said

    It does kinda look like a team dressing room behind him, with the mirrors in each “stall” and the couch in the middle.

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