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That’s cold

Posted by Tim on December 16, 2006

I usually assume that everyone reading this blog also reads the Post-Standard’s SU basketball coverage. But in case you missed the Waters-and-Baxter blog this week (I know I did; goddamn grad school) you might not know that Orange recruit Rick Jackson is a cold, cold man. Check out what Kim Baxter had to say about his assassin’s demeanor:

I mentioned in the story how Jackson’s parents used to play him in basketball and beat him all the time. Well, he got his revenge last summer. He was playing his mom in the playground across from their house and he backed her down and dunked in her face. “Everybody said, ‘No you didn’t. Why’d you do that to your mom?'” Joyce Thomas said. “And Rick said, ‘Y’all don’t know what she used to do.'”

The man dunked on his own mother! If Terrence Roberts had that kind of attitude he’d grab 30 boards a game. Instead we get a 6’10” dude who wears his mom’s fur coat. Disappointing.

In other news, SU hoops recruit Sean Williams was summoned to save a dolphin from choking in China.


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