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More on G-Mac in Bakersfield

Posted by Josh on December 12, 2006

Props to TNIAAM for breaking the news. The big question is, will Joyce and Big Ger make it out to Cali for all the games?

First of all, for those of you who want to follow Gerry’s exploits as they happen, but do not live in the right geographical area, the D-League has online audio of all its games. On the main page in the upper right there is a box listing tonight’s matchups, and one of the choices in the header bar is “Listen Live”.

Also, some D-League games are shown on tape delay on NBATV. So if you have that channel you can keep checking their schedule. It looks as if they only release the schedule week-by-week so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. Most sports bars with satellite packages carry NBATV since they show live NBA games, so gather some friends and track down a bartender willing to put the D-League on the big screen.

Bakersfield will be playing in Broomfield, CO (near Denver) on Jan 6 and 7, so hopefully we can get an in-person report from Ech1, the Cuse Country Senior Mountain Time Zone Correspondent.

Here is the official press release from the NBADL about Gerry’s signing. Note he is still listed at 6-2.

Bakersfield Jam

Gerry will not be the smallest player on his team. That honor goes to Japanese trailblazer Yuta Tabuse who, at 5’9″ was the first Japanese to play in the NBA. (Not for the Trailblazers though.) Their guards are Tabuse, Andre McCollum, Mike Dean, and Brian Collins. Tony Bobbit was averaging 14ppg but got injured and was the player cut to make room for Gerry. Dean starts, averaging 15ppg. Tabuse and McCollum each chip in around 9ppg, and Collins has not played at all this year. They are all about Gerry’s height; none of them is shooting terribly well from the field or from 3; only Tabuse averages more than 2.3 assists. So there is definitely room on this team for Gerry to step in and make an impact.

The NBADL system

Though NBA teams are affiliated with D-League teams, it is not a straight minor league-major league system as in baseball. NBA teams may assign up to two young players to their designated NBADL team anytime during their first 2 years under contract, and recall them or send them down during the season just as in baseball. For example, the Nuggets “sent down” Julius Hodge this year on Dec 1 after he was with the team for the first month. But anyone in the NBADL who is not under an NBA contract is a free agent and can sign with any NBA team at any time. You can read more of the details here. So McNamara is not limited only to joining the Warriors or the Kings if he plays well. Any team looking for a feisty point guard with ice water in his veins and unlimited range from the outside can sign him. And it’s a fairly common occurence for players to be “called up” from the D-League to the NBA proper. Last year there were 13 players signed to NBA rosters from the D-League who were not previously under an NBA contract, including Andre Barrett (Seton Hall), another small point guard who this year made the roster of the Chicago Bulls.

I will of course keep everyone updated about Gerry’s performance in Bakersfield’s games, starting with this Saturday at Anaheim.


6 Responses to “More on G-Mac in Bakersfield”

  1. I haven’t been to a Clipper, Laker, UCLA or USC game all season but I am seriously considering driving down to Anaheim for the game on the 30th. I’m insane.

  2. andrewgp said

    Am I the only SU fan who is glad as hell that McNamara is gone? I’m not saying he was a terrible player, or a bad person, but the team was paralyzed by his presence for three years. They could see no way to win without him at the center of the team, and when he was the center of the team they couldn’t win when they needed to.

    It’s a glorious new world without him.

  3. syracusan said

    Spoken like someone who clearly was not living in NYC during last year’s Big East Tournament.

  4. agerard said

    I wouldn’t say it’s a glorious new world just yet. But I have to admit that the dreams our probably bigger now for most Cuse fans (though every year is a potential championship year in my mind. Just some years I’m less embarrassed to admit this).

  5. On McNamara —

    Prior to the Big East Tournament, I had penned about a 4,000 word essay illustrating how McNamara’s offensive inefficiency was actually creating significant forces of failure for the Orange.

    Needless to say, post-Cincinnati heroics, that essay is still in my Blogger queue, never to see the light of day.

  6. andrewgp said

    But that’s my point — we didn’t need to win the Big East Tournament. They couldn’t win they needed to. And that’s because feeding Gerry was the only way they knew to overcome a stiff opponent. That’s too predictable, too easy to stop with good defense, and too painful for fans who know how the story is doomed to end.

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