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Worst free-throw shooter ever

Posted by Tim on December 10, 2006

OrangeRay ran the numbers over at the original OrangeHoops and the results are in: is on pace to be the worst free-throw shooter in Syracuse basketball history. In typically comprehensive fashion, he also lists some runners-up. It’s well worth checking out.


2 Responses to “Worst free-throw shooter ever”

  1. Josh said

    I still remember a moment in ’86 or ’87 when Derek Brower made a key basket in a game while being fouled. It was some Big East rivalry game, on TV so perhaps Georgetown…? And I recall my dad saying something to the effect of “If he makes this free throw he can run for mayor” because Brower was so horrible at FTs. And I’m pretty sure he made it and the Dome went wild. But that last bit might be selective memory….

  2. Daz said

    Nice use of as his name. It’s only right that we get the word out. The future of Web design is now.

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