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Who are they?

Posted by Tim on December 5, 2006

Andy Katz writes (Insider subscription required) that Jim Boeheim hasn’t really gotten a handle on how good the Cuse can be this year. Welcome to the club, Coach. In JB’s own words, via AK: “I don’t know if we’re top-20 or 60 to 70,” Boeheim said. “We could be in the top 20 but I don’t know.”

When I hear “Top 70,” I think of the 2002 NIT team “led” by DeShaun Williams and Preston Shumpert. The 2006 incarnation of the Orange is surely better than that…right?

Meanwhile, neither Jay Bilas (again with the Insider requirement) and Jeff Goodman think SU’s loss to Wichita State was an upset. Thanks guys!


One Response to “Who are they?”

  1. jeremy44 said

    We really *should* have a better team in the end than the Shumpert-DeShaun Williams ‘Orangemen’, yet Mike Watters reports that the 92-93 ‘team’ was the last time we averaged this many turnovers per game (17.2 in 92-93, 16.5 (!) in 06-07). And this level of sloppyness is for our non-conference games. If we can’t hold on to the rock when battling Penn and Charlotte, this spells trouble for league play.

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