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The Truth

Posted by Tim on December 5, 2006

What OrangeRay said:

There is hypocrisy in who you play. If you schedule a mid-major team (a Bucknell or a Butler), you risk a lot with little in return. When you win the game, announcers will say it was just another win against a creampuff non-conference team. But… you have a chance of losing to those mid-major schools, because as we are now all aware, they are dangerous to play. And losing to those schools will hurt you (any loss should hurt).

If you want teams like SU to play teams like Wichita State, you can’t punish them for losing. Not like you would for losing to a team with a sub-200 RPI. Fortunately the selection committee understands this. It’s too bad so many college basketball pundits don’t (link via TNIAAM).


One Response to “The Truth”

  1. ncaahoops said

    Hello Syracuse fans,

    I didn’t phrase the segment you are referring to accurately. The issue I was trying to raise is not the loss to Wichita State itself, since Wichita State has been beating everybody this year. On its own, the loss is not harmful. But it affects Syracuse because of the way their OOC record is structured. With all home OOC games except for one neutral-home (MSG) and one stone’s-throw-away-road game (Canisius), there is no possibility of picking up OOC road wins which boost the numbers and quality wins in the eyes of the selection cmte. It also puts more pressure to win all the home games since you can’t be judged by road/neutral games. Granted some of the teams Syracuse plays this year are going to be good teams, but they are still in the Carrier Dome. This also puts more pressure to do well in conference games, and reduces the margin of error or the effects of injuries or cold-shooting nights or when an opponent has the game of their life.

    Of course Syracuse is not the only team doing this. Many teams do it at different levels. Some of them do it year after year, others do it selectively. Personally I prefer teams to play at least 2-3 games against top level teams on the road/neutral, and I prefer tougher schedules when a team has mature talent (eg experienced juniors/seniors). If a team is full of inexperienced players, I understand the need to take it slowly with comfortable home games (eg Washington this year).

    The Jimmy V classic was the first time I saw Syracuse this year, and I think this team has a very high ceiling if the pieces fall in place (eg Final Four). It has size, seniors, a unique player in Paul Harris, and a match-up zone which can be a nightmare to opponents when it’s clicking.

    Having said all that, this is just my opinion. After all Jim Boeheim is in the Hall of Fame and I’m in the Hall of Shame 🙂

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