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Posted by Josh on December 5, 2006

So I was in Carlisle, PA last night around 7 PM, near the campus of Dickinson College looking for something to eat. Most restaurants were closed — the best of the limited options was George’s Subs and Pizza, “Carlisle’s best subs since 1958”. So I go in, and hanging on one wall is an authentic, framed, autographed Sacramento Kings Billy Owens jersey. Also some photos of him in high school and press clippings, including one talking about how he was going to take his “slams and jams” up I-81 to Syracuse in the fall.

This was the first time in my life that I wished I had a cameraphone. Alas I do not. But you can make out the jersey on the wall in these photos from their website (you can just barely see the autograph — the slightly darker smudge below the 30):

The cheesesteak was mediocre.


One Response to “quasi-sighting”

  1. Michael said

    Um, what the hell were you doing in Carlisle, PA? I was there in the summer looking at a large warehouse, and I had to eat my lunch at McDonalds. Wish I has found this place.


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