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An open letter to Terrence Roberts: Please stop attempting field goals

Posted by Tom on December 4, 2006

Dear Terrence:

As I examine our team’s roster, I notice we’ve got a pretty decent collection of silky shooters. Devendorf, Nichols, Gorman, and Wright are all guys who can knock down a pretty consistent jump shot. Andy Rautins is an absolute assassin when he gets a decent look. Even Paul Harris finds a way to drop a solid 10 points inside. Then I see a few role players who are better suited to make their contributions elsewhere on the stat sheet. As I’m sensing some confusion on your end as to which group you belong to, I’d like to clear things up by making this simple request:

Please stop attempting field goals.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate your contributions to the team, particularly in the areas of rebounding and physical intimidation inside. But I suspect that the reason you excel in these areas is the same reason you fail in so many attempts to drop the rock through the cords; you seem to have absolutely no control over your limbs when the ball enters your physical proximity.

While this seems to allow you to clear some real estate under the hoop, it also means that you lack what we might call “touch.” I have watched for four years as you’ve allowed crisp interior passes to ricochet wildly off the pair of pie tins that you call hands. And recently, against Wichita St., I watched with real pain as you followed every single offensive rebound with a wild heave that had as much chance of going in as the 10 year-old’s shot from the lazyboy during halftime. I do appreciate the effort, but when you do this, it negates the original rebound and our opportunity for another possession.

All I’m asking for is a little clarity of purpose. You are 6-9 and ripped. You can leap like a beast. If you focused your game in the rebound-only Ben Wallace mold, I see you pulling down 15 per game easy and being a key player on this team. But for the love of God, aside from opportunities to throw down an open (two-handed) dunk, please try to erase the idea of field goal attempts from your M.O. entirely.


The Cuse Country staff


One Response to “An open letter to Terrence Roberts: Please stop attempting field goals”

  1. Michael said

    Ha! Pie tins… that’s classic.

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