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I blame Craig Forth.

Posted by ech1 on December 3, 2006

Now, I may be batshit insane, but allow me to explain. While watching Mookie’s seemingly endless series of volleyball taps and “hot potato” chucks on the offensive glass I begun to wonder: why won’t he simply grab an offensive rebound and dunk it on someone’s face, like any normal 6’10”, 260ish lb guy would? And that’s where Craig Forth comes in… now, as we all know, Craigers had this problem with offensive rebounds: he simply had to bring the ball down to a level where anyone in possesion of a grasping limb could take it away from him (and I mean anyone, including the ballboys and Bonzo the chimp). Now, I’m speculating here, but I have to imagine that after watching that performance for two years, Mookie has nightmares about a personal hell where Jimmy screams “don’t bring the ball down!!!!” at him for all eternity. Thus, the aformentioned disasters of putback attempts against Wichita State last night. And if Mookie but flushes 2 of those, it’s a different ballgame folks.

In other news, someone needs to get Paul Harris some medicine, because that boy is ILL. People are talking about how sick that foul line-ish dunk was, but the scary part to me was how effortless it seemed. Most guys would need to gather themselves and have a few steps to setup their takeoff… Paul just took one step and soared. That sort of thing you don’t see in college ball much, and, not to get too hyperbolic, but it ain’t exactly common outside video games and MJ highlight reels. Oh, and his defense is not exactly shabby either.

Other things of note that I won’t go into details on:

1) You can question his shot selection, his fashion sense and his generally tenous grasp on reality, but one thing not in question about Terrence Roberts last night was his effort. If his 2-3 “no chance” wild shots are the price of 14 and 12, with good defense and no foul trouble, well, I’ll take it.

2) I’ve suggested this before, but I think Jimmy needs to think about playing more press. It looked good last night with Terrence on the ball, Mookie guarding the rim, and a bunch of fast and/or long guys putting the traps on. Even when Wichita broke it, they weren’t getting easy baskets. Plus, as was amply demonstrated, this SU team is not exactly deep in guys who can score out of the half-court set; it seems logical to push the pace and try to get as many transition baskets as you can.

3) Mike Jones is my official darkhorse candidate for “guy who will step up and make a difference later in the season” (non-Paul Harris division). I don’t what, if any, offensive skills he brings to the table, but he’s got Josh Pace’s number and if he can come off the bench and contribute a JP-like combination of defense, ball-handling, and general ability to contribute across the stat sheet… well, that’ll do.

4) Devendorf… ick. Has Harris ruined his confidence by shutting him down in practice or is it just a funk?


3 Responses to “I blame Craig Forth.”

  1. syracusan said

    Totally agree with #2. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself. The only concern is whether they’re up to it conditioning-wise. They may not have the depth to press for long stretches. But if you’re right about Mike Jones and he gets more PT, then maybe they can swing it. Personally I don’t see him getting off the bench against Big East teams.

  2. Josh said

    I always give extra credence to those who begin their posts by admitting they may be batshit insane.

    My quibble is with #3 on Mike Jones. Boeheim squads pretty much never have someone step up later in the season. The bench gets shorter and shorter. The exceptions are if there is an injury, or if you are Billy Edelin and miss the first half of the year. Even if Jones had not seemed unprepared to play in many of his appearances early this year, he is not going to take minutes away from Nichols & Devendorf, our two most potent offensive threats.

  3. Tim said

    I’m not sure I agree re Terrence Roberts. I wasn’t counting or anything, but it sure seemed like a whole lot of the open outside looks Wichita State got came when Roberts was napping in the zone. Did anyone else see that or was it just me?

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