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Gerry McNamara sighting

Posted by Tim on December 3, 2006

Gerry McNamara was in the crowd for tonight’s game. I guess taking in a SU basketball game was pretty high on his to-do list after returning home from Greece. Syracuse is right between Troy and Ithaca, so what better place could a sojourning hero hope to land? Too bad they couldn’t give him a better show.

Overheard while we watched the game: Cuse Country contributor Tommy bet friend-of-the-blog Tito a dollar that G-Mac had his old SU jersey on under his street clothes a la Superman, but the bet was never consumated for lack of verifiability. Oh well.


One Response to “Gerry McNamara sighting”

  1. ech1 said

    We could have used him on that last sequence. Time winding down, trailing by 3… that’s a classic G-Mac situation. Whatever else you say about the guy, he had a tendency to come through in those sort of spots. Honestly, I’d have taken him in street clothes and dress shoes over Devendorf right then.

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