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How we won: Syracuse beats Bonnies

Posted by andrewgp on December 31, 2006

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of charts from this year.


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Miscellaneous thoughts following the St. Bonaventure game

Posted by Tom on December 30, 2006

1. Though I have no real statistics to back this up, I feel like the reason we could never truly put these guys away comes down to our completely frustrating inability to make contested shots around the basket. I’d even go so far as to say I’ve never seen a Syracuse team as bad at making close-range shots amidst defenders, within 5 feet of the hoop. This is ESPECIALLY bad off of offensive rebounds. Initially I blamed for much of this, but his wound-nursing time has shown that the problem goes deep into the team. This ranks as my #1 source of frustration with the Fall ’06 Orange.

2. Demetris Nichols is has turned into an NBA-quality shooter. The kid is just filthy, especially with that mid-range jumper. He’s swishing every one of those when he’s remotely open.

3. I love the thing Paul Harris does after pulling down a rebound, while an opposing player is still buzzing around hoping for a steal. While hard to describe, it involves him palming the ball and swinging his outstretched arm up and away from the opponent in a crane-like motion, kind of like an older brother holding a cookie out of the reach of a little kid. It’s awesome because every time he’s done it the other guy gives up immediately and trots away awkwardly. Watch for it.

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Good and bad

Posted by Tim on December 29, 2006

If you don’t follow the link below to check out Orange 44’s St. Bonaventure preview, follow it to read Matt’s critique of the play of Mike Jones. Ooh, gas face!

Also, via TNIAAM, Eric Silver at College Hoops Net has nothing but love for Demetris Nichols, who he tabs as one of the most improved players in the Big East.

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Slow news week

Posted by Tim on December 29, 2006

If you’re actually reading this, you probably already know that it’s been a slow week here in Cuse Country. Sorry about that. We’re having a hard time getting juiced for tomorrow’s big game against St. Bonaventure, perennially one of the worst Division I college basketball teams in the country. I’ve already spent too much time this season worrying about games I wouldn’t have given a second thought to. I don’t think anyone can blame us for snoozing on a game we should win by 30.

So don’t try it. Seriously.

We might not be talking to much about the matchup against the Bonnies, but other people are:

  • According to this Buffalo News article, Syracuse will test St. Bonaventure’s biggest weaknesses: “Giving up too many rebounds … and inconsistent execution in the clutch.”

  • Demetris Nichols believes the thumping SU just dropped on Hofstra will prove to be a shot in the arm, reports the Utica Observer Dispatch. Says D-Nic: “The guys have their confidence back. That should be good for the Big East.” Let’s hope so. Also, props for calling St. Bonaventure “lowly.”

  • The boys got a couple days off for the holidays. You know, a little time to open presents, pray for peace on Earth, that kind of thing. And now? “Coach let us know we’ve got a couple of days off, and when we get back it’s really time to start getting down to business,” The Post-Standard quoted Paul Harris as saying. You might be wondering if Harris is for real. His response? “For real.”

  • The best preview of this game I’ve found so far belongs to Matt over at Orange 44, who has done the math and determined that St. Bonaventure sucks so bad that SU should basically just sit back and let them beat themselves. I agree — there’ll be fewer opportunities for us to eff it up that way.

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Potential Buddy Flicks

Posted by Tom on December 23, 2006

With the prospect of a few pairs of high school buddies on next year’s team (Harris/Flynn, Jackson/Jardine) and a general soft spot for the whole buddy film genre, I’ve been trying to come up with the pairing of current or former Orange members that would make the best pair in one of these movies. Here’s my pick:

Craig Forth & Jeremy McNeil, Cop partners
Basic Plot: The duo that split time at the center in the ’03 national championship run struggle to find direction after college and despite losing touch, join the force simultaeously and find themselves as partners. Forth follows orders like a junior hall monitor in an effort to please the captain, while the irascible McNeil dispenses justice by his own code, bungling Forth’s dreams of a promotion at every turn. Because they’re 7’0 and 6’9 respectively and won’t fit into a standard cruiser, the department is forced to modify a beat-up Lincoln Continental and turn it into their squad car. McNeil never speaks. Ever.

The field is rich with possibilities, so let’s hear some other ideas in the comments section.

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mad love

Posted by syracusan on December 23, 2006

One quick note about the Hofstra game, which Josh covered well. When Preston Shumpert was announced by the PA, he received a warm but brief round of applause from an appreciative audience.  Later on, when Kueth Duany was announced, the place absolutely erupted and Kueth got a standing ovation from the 18,000.

Strictly speaking, Shumpert had a way better career and was a much more dominant player.  It’s funny what happens when you bring home a ring, eh?


Not much else to say about the game itself. We looked great in all facets. I lit a fire under Matt Gorman, and he came through with 10 and 5; but he still sucks. Mike Jones is shaky. Josh Wright needs to do some maturing. No complaints about anything else.

I’m out of here for the next three weeks, so I leave it to my Cuse Country compadres to pick up the analysis slack. If we lose any games while I’m overseas, I’m blaming it on you people.

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Pro Update 12-23

Posted by Josh on December 23, 2006

Ch-ch-ch-changes keep on comin’. We’ll start in Europe.

Preston Shumpert was released by Climamio Bologna after losing his starting job and lots of his minutes. But he was immediately signed by another Italian League team, Benetton Treviso, who also play in the Euroleague. It looks like Shump will not be eligible for Euroleague games, unless Treviso makes the playoffs, but he is eligible to play in Italian League contests.

Otis Hill had 23 points and 5 rebounds in European Cup play on Tuesday, then 11 points and 4 rebounds in Polish League action Friday. His team lost both games. Elvir Ovcina had just 3 points (0-8 from the floor) but 13 rebounds in a European Cup win for Telindus Oostende on Tuesday. They had a Belgian league game Friday but the score is not yet posted.

Gerry McNamara had 15 points and 5 assists in Bakersfield’s win over Tulsa on Friday night. The 5 assists was team-high; the 15 points was tied for 2nd on the team with two other guys (Bakersfield put 8 players in double figures!)


Hakim Warrick had 8 points (8-8 free throws) and 4 rebounds Friday night in a loss to the Hornets. This is on the heels of an 11-point showing vs. the Spurs on Wednesday. Jason Hart has not played in the Kings’ last two games.


Z Sims’ Rochester squad beat Kueth Duany’s Buffalo team on Wednesday. Rochester’s coach was ejected, so Sims took over as player-coach and got the win while scoring 15 points.

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It’s About Time

Posted by Josh on December 23, 2006

It’s about time SU pulled away from an inferior opponent relatively early in the game, and then maintained the lead throughout.

It’s about time Paul Harris snapped out of his funk and started reasserting himself on both ends of the floor.

It’s about time Devendorf remembered that what makes him a good player is his ability to drive the lane and score or (especially in this game) draw contact: “Tonight, I decided I was just going to go out and play,” said Devendorf, who had reached double figures only once in the previous six games. “I played like I used to. I needed to get some confidence back.”(From the AP game story)

It’s about time that… Read the rest of this entry »

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How we won: Syracuse over Hofstra

Posted by andrewgp on December 22, 2006

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of charts from this year.

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Disorder on the court

Posted by andrewgp on December 22, 2006

I came across these charts from, and they are either seriously flawed or seriously fascinating. I’m not sure which. Could this possibly be true?


Check it out if you’re interested.

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