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If you like this year’s team…

Posted by Tim on November 29, 2006

…just wait till next year. If you got all worked up when you saw all the nice things had to say about SU’s 2007 recruits, check out the plaudits (ha!) Scouts Inc. has showered on them in the brand-new ESPN list of Top 150 prospects.

For starters, Donte Green is eighth overall and the top-rated power forward in all the land. Johnny Flynn, the no. 2 point guard graduating from high school in the spring, isn’t far behind, ranked 15th. Rick Jackson is 33rd overall and sixth among centers, and Antonio Jardine is 64th overall and 19th among shooting guards. Center Sean Williams didn’t make the list.

Wishing for Paul Harris to stick around for his sophomore year is tantamount to hoping he has a terrible season, and it seems pretty likely from the Orange’s early games that the team’s hopes may rest on his exceedingly broad shoulders. But if he decides he wants to work on his shooting (didn’t that reasoning work with Hakim Warrick?) and play with former teammate Flynn, watch out.


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