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Gas face

Posted by Tim on November 29, 2006

I’m planning to drop a Wichita State preview tomorrow or Friday. But in the meantime, I propose a little contest for the Cuse Country crew. You can even play along at home or on your own blog.

It’s pretty easy: Whoever can find the best picture of Jim Boeheim giving someone the gas face wins.

The rules are simple:

1) Make sure Jimmy B is giving a genuine gas face. See here, here or here if you’re not sure what constitutes the gas face.

2) Links only, please.

3) Finding the best picture will be its own reward.

I’ll start it off: Hey, Billy Edelin … gas face!


5 Responses to “Gas face”

  1. Josh said

    So many to choose from! Here are a few good ones:
    “Oh, come on. Really?”
    “I can’t believe how stupid my players are.”
    “Arinze Onuaku gets the gas face!”

  2. Michael said

    I’ll offer classic gas face:

    Note the two halves of JB’s personality. The right cross vs. the limp wrist.

    Also, peep this… the finger of admonsihment points at you.

    Man, I really should be working instead of reading this stuff!

  3. syracusan said

    Tim, you’re a genius. This is the best contest ever. Mike definitely has the early lead with that old school shot though. We’ll have to compile all the entries into one big post in a few weeks.

  4. Ray Y said

    Great contest idea. I can recall some pictures that might be winners… I just have to see if I can find them online.

  5. jeremy44 said

    You call THAT classic gas face? I give you this

    “Why do my pants keep falling down?”

    “Hey, babaloo, you make that call, I give you the gas face

    “Damn, this hat is giving me gas

    “Oooh, Jimmy made that face is bed last night

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