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One good half

Posted by Tim on November 28, 2006

Mike Waters watched last night’s game against Holy Cross and apparently saw a big gray cloud. His article spends the first six paragraphs talking about the foul trouble in which Demetris Nichols and found themselves in the second half before touching on the Orange’s pretty impressive defensive effort in the first 20 minutes. Compare that to the silver-lining Associated Press game story, which leads off with the seldom-written words “Jim Boeheim liked what he saw” and goes on to discuss SU’s “smothering defense.” (The Orange limited the Crusaders to 17 points on 8-for-26 shooting and forced 13 turnovers in the first half.)

All three stories I saw (the third being Jeff DiVeronica’s recap in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) mentioned Boeheim’s praise for his team’s first-half defense, an effort he descibed as “best … we’ve played in a long time.” But I would have liked to see more written about the man-to-man coverage they used. When SU has success without going into the zone, someone should take a look at how it happened. It’s news, people!

None of these stories really make palpable the anxiety of the game’s final moments, when Holy Cross trailed by only a few points and SU had long since used its final timeout. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was pretty sure some of the Crusaders’ desperation heaves were going to fall. Considering the game shouldn’t have been close in the first place (and wouldn’t have been if not for those 15 second-half fouls), it evoked that mixture of annoyance and terror that SU fans know so well. Thankfully we dodged that bullet.


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