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Posted by syracusan on November 28, 2006

SU jumped from 17 to 15 in the AP poll this week, and held steady at 14th in the Coaches poll. For once, I’m reasonably satisfied with our position. Despite playing 20 whole minutes of decent basketball tonight vs. Holy Cross, the Orange haven’t done anything yet to deserve being ranked any higher. Holy Cross may end up being a pretty good team this year though, so keep an eye on this win proving to be a boon in the RPI by the end of the year.

I do have some other issues with the polls though. Duke, who lost last week, fell only two spots in each poll, to 10th and 11th. Meanwhile Georgetown, who won their only game last week, dropped SEVEN spots in the Coaches poll, to 23rd. They also dropped two spots in the AP poll. WTF? Granted they beat a shitty team, but Maryland only beat creampuffs Winthrop and “High Point” (??) last week, and they surged five spots. Typical bullshit.

In other news, Wichita State is up to 17th and 22nd in the two polls. We might lose to them by 20. Mid-majors are flexing muscles all over the place, with Butler at 18th and 19th, the Zags at 21st and 22nd, and Nevada at 24th in the AP. UNC dropped out of the top 5 in both polls, and our boys at Pitt get to spend a week all the way up at #2 in the AP, even though they frankly haven’t done a damn thing this year to prove themselves.

Here’s the key info:

2. Pitt
8. Marquette
15. SU
18. G-Town
20. UConn
Votes: West Virginia, Louisville, Nova

3. Pitt
9. Marquette
14. SU
15. UConn
23. G-Town
Votes: Louisville


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