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A little historical perspective

Posted by Tim on November 28, 2006

How impressive is the Orange’s undeafeted record in early season action? The other Orange Hoops takes the long view.


3 Responses to “A little historical perspective”

  1. the syracusan said

    Considering the level of effort this guy puts in to his historical research, I would assume he’s right about his claims. But it seems to me that both UMass and St Joe’s have had undefeated regular seasons in recent memory, with UMass making it all the way to the Final Four before losing. I think he’s off.

    However, I am entirely unwilling to research the issue to prove myself right or wrong. 😉

  2. Tim said

    In 1996, UMass lost in February to George Washington; in 2004, St. Joseph’s lost to Xavier in the A-10 tournament. So it looks like he’s right.

  3. I think if there’s anything we’ve learned about the men of Orange, its that they’re better off losing early anyway. The earlier they get tested and get punched in the mouth, the quicker they get back on thier feet and figure out the problems. The run through the Big East is so tough as-is, its even tougher when you lose all your steam right in the middle of it.

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