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Zags and Friars

Posted by syracusan on November 23, 2006

I’m not going to lie, after class this evening I went out drinking with my grad school people and I had no idea what happened with the SU game until about an hour ago. Josh gave a great summary though, so I won’t mess around with it too much. I’m psyched about Harris continuing to crash the boards, and I’m about ready to guarantee that if he averages a double-double off the bench we can get ready to watch him in the NBA next year.

Moving on, I’ll take this opportunity to point out two fun results from the world of college basketball this evening. First, you may recall that Tim mentioned an article that crapped on the Big East because Providence lost to Brown earlier this year. As if anyone should give a shit what Providence does. My question is, now that Providence has beaten ACC “powerhouse” Boston College, will we see any articles acknowledging that? Probably not. BC was picked to come in roughly third in the ACC, and started the season ranked somewhere in the top 15 of both polls. Providence was picked to scrape the crap off the boots of the Big East’s real teams this year, and started the season ranked somewhere behind my junior high school. No one expects them to make it to MSG for the B.E. tournament. But I expect this victory will still somehow go unmentioned.

In other news, #2 ranked UNC went down this evening as well. I can’t brag about yet another massive upset by Gonzaga, because I can claim no ownership over that team or their consistently amazing achievements, but I can still send them ridiculous piles of respect. I know that yet another Zag win over a top ten team seems about as exceptional as a sun rise, but in fact they hadn’t beaten anyone ranked quite this high before. As Mark Few said, he’ll take the Tournament wins in March over the fancy wins in November, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dish out props in the mean time. Also, they’re now 8-1 vs the ACC all time, including 7 straight wins against ranked ACC teams. You can’t ask for more than that. One wonders if they shouldn’t replace the mismatched “ACC-Big Ten Challenge” with an “ACC-Gonzaga Challenge”. I’ve been saying for years now that the Zags are America’s Team, and this only reinforces it. Bless those little bastards, I’ll watch them play any day of the week.


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  1. Josh said

    Levy represent!!

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