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Giant-killers get a little bit bigger

Posted by Tim on November 21, 2006

If Wichita State isn’t careful, they’re going to play their way out of underdog status. The Shockers made their first appearance in the sportswriters’ poll since 1983 today, landing at No. 24. (They just missed cracking the Top 25 in the coaches’ poll.) I guess their weekend victory over George Mason reminded everyone of their surprising run to the Sweet 16 last year. Either that or there must be something really astonishing or outrageous or stupeyfing about their victories over Rockhurst or Chicago State. Or am I missing something? More importantly, will Doug Gottlieb give us credit if we beat them now?

And now for the news:

  • SU is ranked 14th in today’s ESPN/USA Today poll and 17th in the new AP poll.

  • It’s hard to see what’s Jeff Goodman is driving at in this column. I guess he’s trying to add up embarrassing losses by bad Big East teams (Rutgers to Kansas State, Providence to Brown, Seton Hall to Fairleigh Dickinson, DePaul to everyone) and Georgetown’s upset at the hands of Old Dominion to conclude that the Big East is overrated. Along the way, he knocks St. John’s for losing to Maryland and Texas, and Syracuse, UConn and Pitt for winning against weak opposition.

    To which I respond thusly.

    Should Georgetown have lost to Old Dominion? No. But it’s tough to take too much away from St. John’s, a team that went 12-15 last year, for losing to a pair of major-conference squads. And Butler, which beat Pitt Notre Dame last week, also beat Indiana and today received a handful of votes in the coaches’ poll.

    And SU is going to beat Wichita State next week. So take that, Gottlieb Jr.

  • Etan Thomas gets love from Sports Illustrated. Check out those guns! The man is ripped!!

  • Deadspin questions the logic behind leaving Paul Harris off the McDonald’s All-American Team.


One Response to “Giant-killers get a little bit bigger”

  1. Josh said

    I like the “Haters” category. But please don’t give doug gottlieb his own tag further on down the line.

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