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Andy Katz loves SU

Posted by Tim on November 21, 2006

Andy Katz has made a couple of notable comments on SU and Orange-related happenings in the last couple of days. The first came in an chat session (Insider subscription required) yesterday:

Etan (Manhasset, NY): How come no one is talking about syracuse as a final four contender?

Andy Katz: I can see it. I want to see Syracuse away from home, or at least on a neutral court first, but I could easily see the Orange in the Final Four with the talent they have at this juncture.

Then, a few minutes later, AK added this:

John (Winston-Salem, NC): I keep seeing the same teams being thrown around as Final Four teams… but recent years have shown us that four preseason favorites almost never comprise the Final Four. Who are some sleeper teams who have the ingredients to make a possible Final Four run?

Andy Katz: Not sure if this qualifies as sleepers but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wisconsin, Syracuse, Maryland, A&M in the Final Four.

In his blog, Katz also looks a few games ahead in SU’s schedule to give Wichita State some props for the tough roadtrip they’re currently on. If you squint you can make out the beginnings of next week’s columns and game previews: A major-conference power that doesn’t leave home until January vs. a scrappy mid-major on a cross-country crusade to prove last year’s tournament success wasn’t fluke. Drawing mostly on their road wins and impressive showing last March, someone somewhere will call Wichita State the superior team. Syracuse will likely find themselves in a kind of no-win situation in the media — the pundits will be rooting for the Shockers but expecting the Orange to win. If they pull it out, it’s no big deal. If they lose, it just confirms everything the haters always have always said about them. It’s a neat trap; keep an eye out for it.


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