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Colonial Athletic Association

Posted by syracusan on November 20, 2006

#8 Georgetown was horrendously upset at home today by Old Dominion. Or were they? JT III’s boys definitely lost, but maybe this isn’t as much of a shocker as you’d think. OD is 4-1 now, but more importantly they’re in the CAA, which is the same conference that sent George Mason to the Final Four last year out of nowhere. It’s also the same conference that’s sending Hofstra and Drexel to the Carrier Dome. Buyer beware, these guys can play — Hofstra beat Mason twice last year. Those games have trouble written all over them for SU. Granted Northeastern is a CAA school also, and they’re getting spanked all over the [ahem] northeast by big conference teams, but we better not let our guard up either way.

Jeff Green had 2 points and 3 rebounds while fouling out in 25 minutes in the game today. He only attemtped 2 shots. My man must have been seriously hung over, otherwise that’s an inexplicable performance. This guy is a legit All America and Big East POY candidate, so I’m at a loss. Maybe they’re not quite ready for the big time yet. Given the depth of the Big East, I wouldn’t be upset if that were true. Syracuse could use some breathing room.


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  1. Josh said

    It is pretty shocking that Green disappeared like that. However, consider that G’Town is in the typical situation that can cause an early-season hiccup. Besides Hibbert & Green, their only other returning starter is Wallace, who started and was a reasonable contributor last year, but by no means a force to reckion with. The other two starters averaged 2.8 ppg and 1.6 ppg last year respectively. The two big men are studs, but the rest of the team is going to take some time to develop. By the time the BE season rolls around they should be much sharper.

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