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Pro Update 11-16

Posted by Josh on November 17, 2006

Some new names in the pro update tonight, but first the usual suspects….

Carmelo had 34 (including 16-19 FTs) on Wednesday but the Nugs lost to the Magic.

Warrick plays only 17 minutes Wednesday and scores 4 points in a loss to the Kings. Jason Hart did not play in this game. However, Hart does get into Thursday’s game, his first action of the season — a Kings loss to the Warriors in which he plays 21 minutes and scores 9 points but fouls out.
Etan Thomas plays 15 minutes, gets 5 rebs and 1 point in a loss to the Knicks. He only took one shot from the floor. Neither of the Wizards’ other two big men played particularly well either.

In the ABA tonight, Z Sims’ team (Rochester) defeats Kueth Duany’s team (Buffalo). I was able to find a box score but only listing the Buffalo players. Duany did not play again – I assume he is still hurt. Also a game story from the Rochester newspaper. Sims is not mentioned, which only means he was not one of the top scorers. How the ABA expects to build any sort of fan base without consistently reporting at least the bare bones stats of each game is beyond me.
No updates from Japan, since the teams only play games on weekends. But you can vote for Damone Brown for the all-star team here. His is the second name in the first column.

In Euroleague play, Preston Shumpert had 7 points and 2 rebounds as his Bologna squad fell to Cologne. This is well off his previous Euroleague average of 17.6 ppg. Gerry McNamara once again did not play in Olympiacos’ game, a win over Le Mans.

But there are plenty of other former SU players on the European circuit.

Josh Pace (or J-Peezy as the syracusan calls him) is playing for Kouvot Kouvola in Finland’s Korisliiga. (Kouvola is the town, Kouvot is the team name.) He is a starter for the 7-6 squad. He is averaging 13.8 points, 6.2 rebs, 2.0 assists, and (get ready for this) is shooting 41.7% (10-24) on 3-pointers. Honest. Best overall game was 20 pts, 12 rebs on Oct 7. I encourage you to click the link above and check out the Korisliiga player stats page. They have not only game-by-game stats, but splits and shot charts. Not even the ESPN NBA coverage has shot charts. By far the best foreign league website I have come across since I began digging.

Otis Hill is tearing up the Croatian basketball league.

His team is called Kosarkaski Klub Split Croatia Osiguranje — Split CO for short. He is their leading scorer at 17ppg and leading rebounder with 7 per game. (At least, I think that column is rebounds – it’s hard to be certain!) Also he is shooting an ungodly 65% from the floor; I’m sure it’s all on little jump hooks and turnaround layups. The Split are 2-7 so far this season. One of Otis’s teammates is Tony Skinn, who you may remember as the guy from George Mason who punched a Hofstra player in the balls last year just before the NCAA tournament.

Also muddying the European basketball waters is the one and only Elvir Ovcina. He is in the Belgian league on Telindus BC Oostende, who also play in the European Cup (like the Euroleague – teams from several countries – but lower-level competition). In Belgian games Elvir is averaging 9.9 ppg and leading the league in rebounds at 8.5 per game. Also, shockingly, he has put up just six 3-pointers in 10 games so far this year (and made three). In three European Cup games he is averaging 13.7 points and 8.3 boards. This is Elvir’s second year on this team. Last year they won the Belgian Cup, and he led them in rebounding and was their 4th leading scorer. Joining him on the 6-4 squad are Big East alums Eric Hicks (Cincinnati) and Lavar Postell (St. John’s).
Speaking of the Belgian league, Billy Edelin was signed by a Belgian team this summer but released before the start of the season. The team had also signed Justin Gray this summer, and it is not much of a leap to infer that Gray beat out Edelin for a point guard roster spot. (Also not surprising.)

Finally, not in Europe but nevertheless plying his trade overseas is none other than Ethan Cole. He was Center of the Year in the Norwegian league back in 2003, averaging 17 pts & 14 rebs. Now he is playing for Manama, the first-place team in the Bahrain basketball league. He is one of the top players on the team, along with Albert Mouring from UConn. If you think finding Japanese or Croatian stats is difficult, try Bahraini stats. All I have been able to track down are brief game stories from online Bahraini newspapers, like this one from October. And, was able to get some information (standings and rosters) by using the Google “text-only” cache, because the fully-encoded page would automatically redirect to a pay-site login, and I’m not about to spend $20 to find out what Ethan Cole is doing these days.

To my knowledge, these are all the current professional basketball players in the world who last played college ball at SU. I will keep you updated on their progress throughout the season. Next time: what about all those guys who transferred out of the program?


2 Responses to “Pro Update 11-16”

  1. syracusan said

    This is the most amazing fucking thing I’ve ever seen. You are a search engine God.

    Elvir’s picture is killing me, but not nearly as much as Josh Pace’s 70% free throw percentage. Seriously, are we sure it’s the same guy?

    I love that Ethan Cole is living large in a vacation paradise, laying down the law on the hardwood. His streetball name is going to be a Sheikh Ethan al Khalifa pretty soon.

  2. Tim said

    When did Elvir Ovcina go to jail?

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