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oral pleasure

Posted by syracusan on November 16, 2006

Gotta love college hoops. #3 Kansas lost at home tonight to Oral Roberts. Doesn’t it seem like Kansas does something like this every year, regardless of who’s coaching? More importantly, there’s no other sport in the world where underdogs can get the kind of wins that Vermont and Oral Roberts got over the last few days. #2 UNC tried to lose at home to Winthrop tonight too, but pulled it out by 7 after losing the whole first half. If Tim is feeling shaky about our 23 point win, imagine how Tar Heel fans feel. Or Jayhawks fans for that matter.

FYI, nice win for Georgetown tonight on the road in SEC territory. Vanderbilt isn’t great, but they’re decent. 17-12 last year and 7-9 in the conference. That’s a legit win for the Big East.


I found myself in Bobst Library this evening, getting ready to dig into some global poverty-reduction macroeconomic strategies, when a little bird fluttered into my inbox providing a miraculous link to a live-action view of the SU-Northeastern game on the internet. I won’t go into the details of how this amazing connection occurred, but needless to say the poor of the earth were forced to wait a couple hours for my attention. Suddenly the public computer in sub-level II was my own private TV, and I spent the rest of the night fending off weird looks from other students.

I also spent a lot of time feverishly text-messaging Tom about the amazing transformation in Paul Harris happening right in front of us. He was literally a different player at the end of that game than he was at the beginning. He made at least two moves tonight that no one has made for us in years. First, a rim rattling facial of a dunk over some poor fool on a solo fast break that was humiliating in a way only Hak knows about. Second, and more important, a little play on the baseline where he faced up his man in the half court set, made one crossover move, blew completely by him, challenged the larger help defenders, and laid it in with relative ease. That play, my friends, we haven’t seen since Carmelo.

Paul doesn’t look any taller than Devo when you see them next to each other, which means he was at best the 8th tallest player on the court most of the night while he was pulling down those 12 rebounds. You couldn’t even see him in the pile under the basket, yet he relentlessly came out with the ball. He reminded me of Ryan Gomes, only a hell of a lot quicker. At his height, I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to pull that kind of board work off against the UConns of the world, but the fact that he has two double-doubles in his four college games is starting to get impressive. Late in the game he demanded the ball half-way through a disorganized offensive set, dribbled to midcourt, calmed everyone down, and called out a play. He ended up driving and passing it off, but it was a great maturation moment. With two seniors and two sophomores on the court with him, he was the one who took charge. Josh Wright isn’t going to be happy. He’ll continue to start for a while, but he may find his importance reduced unless we’re playing a pressing team.

Some other random thoughts…Mike Jones looked great on offense and defense. He’s incredibly smooth for his size…SU’s new “small” lineup is the biggest small lineup I’ve ever seen. For a while Jimmy had Roberts at center, Devo at point, and Nichols, Harris, and Jones handling the rest of it. Interesting to note, Harris permanently played a frontline spot on defense in the zone, while Nichols and Jones rotated at the two. Nichols playing defense up top is insane, if it works that’ll be amazing. No one will get a blip of light to shoot from outside. But Jones did most of the work up there, and he’s pretty huge himself…When Devo’s outside shot is falling, and we have Rautins and Nichols on the court with him, that’s an impossible situation for other teams. Several possessions in a row towards the end of the first half Devo blew past tight coverage and set up one of those other guys for wide open threes, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it…quote of the night from Tom: “It’s a good thing Paul Harris can’t shoot. Might keep him here longer.”


2 Responses to “oral pleasure”

  1. Tim said

    Not shaky, just … I hate spotting the other guy 15 points. We don’t need that kind of challenge this early in the year.

  2. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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