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Boeheim quotes

Posted by Josh on November 16, 2006

I love how Boeheim’s answers to reporters’ questions have gotten so much less “coach-speaky” the past couple years. He doesn’t spin things or spout generalities in the way that most sports interviews tend to go….

[Answering a question about what he said to the players in the timeout when they were down 15]

“I didn’t say anything. We decided to play defense, we got back in our zone and they worked it out. If saying things meant anything, we’d all be undefeated. We all know what to say. You think Billy said anything different when it was 24-7? You think he told them to stop making it? Talk is for you guys, it is an overrated thing. Talk only works when you’re dreaming.”

[Answering a question about how much Watkins’ injury affected his play]

“Probably about as much as my haircut.”


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