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Pro Update

Posted by Josh on November 15, 2006

All of the Orangemen in the NBA have an upcoming game Wednesday night, but so do the current Orange, so I figure I will get an update in before the run of postgame commentary.

Tuesday night Carmelo scored 33 and had 6 boards as the Nuggets beat the Heat by 7 in Miami. Granted Shaq did not play, but a win in your only trip to the defending champs’ home court is a big plus. In their previous game Sunday, Melo had 36, shooting 59% from the floor and 10-11 from the line in a win over Charlotte. The Nugs have gone 3-0 (all on the road) since starting the year 0-3, and Melo’s shooting percentage has been much higher in those 3 wins.

In the most recent Wizards game, Etan Thomas played only 17 minutes, and had 4 points and 6 boards in a home loss to the Nets that Vince Carter sent into OT with a last-second 3. No injury reported — it could be his low PT was a victim of poor defensive matchups, or it could just be that he is coming back to Earth a little bit after his hot start.

Hakim Warrick played 33 minutes in a road loss to the Lakers on Sunday, scoring 10 points on 3-6 from the field (only 4-10 from the line though) and grabbing 7 rebounds. The entire Grizzlies offense struggled though — in fact his 10 points was good for 3rd best on the team that night.

Jason Hart has still not played for the Kings this year.

And now for a veritable pantsload of non-NBA player news:

Gerry McNamara’s team in Greece has not played any Euroleague games since the middle of last week (there is only one such game a week) so Gerry hasn’t had any action. Their next EL game is Thursday night and I will give an update on it afterwards.

Preston Shumpert had 9 punti and 7 rimbalzi in Climamio Bologna’s last game (non-Euroleague), Sunday against Armani Jeans Milan. They will have a Euroleague game Thursday as well.

Kueth Duany’s ankle is not healed yet and he has now missed the first two games of the season for the ABA’s Buffalo Silverbacks.

Also playing in the ABA this season is none other than Henninger High School’s own Lazarus Sims. He plays for the Rochester Razorsharks as their starting point guard and assistant coach. He was also the starting PG last year when Rochester won the ABA championship. This year Rochester is 2-0 so far. In the most recent game Z had 11 points and 7 assists in a win over the Strong Island Sound. (That’s the actual team name.) I can’t tell you how he did in the first game — ABA stats are incredibly difficult to come by. There are no official box scores online. Game stories usually only report leading scorers or key contributors. In fact, I got the above stats from the game story from the Strong Island site — the Rochester game story did not mention Sims at all. As far as the first game of the season, it was against a team from Baltimore that has now ceased operations for the remainder of the 06-07 campaign. Such is life in the ABA.

After the last post, it was suggested that I track down Damone Brown. Well here you go.

Damone is playing in Japan for the OSG Phoenix. They are in Japan’s top league, though tied for last place among 7 teams with a 3-9 record so far. Here is a Google-translated game report from their last game. Fairly entertaining translation.

The main Japanese basketball website has box scores from every game (DB last game: 17 & 11 on Nov 12), but no cumulative stats page. But that’s OK, because they do have league leaders, and Damone is all over the leaderboard:

8th in scoring (20.7); 7th in rebs (9.7); 3rd in assists (5.0); 6th in blocks (0.9); 5th in steals (1.4); 10th in FT% (76.3%); 3rd in “dunk shoots” (1.4). Represent!

Inexplicably, Damone is not among the top 5 vote-getters in All-Star balloting at the “gaijin” position (that means “foreigner”). Leading that vote is former UCLA standout and NBA burnout Charles O’Bannon with nearly 3,000 votes.

Also playing in Japan is Villanova-killer Ryan Blackwell. He plays for the Sendai 89ers in the BJ-League, which appears to be a new, minor league (founded in ’05). He is currently averaging 12.3 points and 10.3 rebs thorugh 4 games, with his best game being 23 & 14 in the season opener. You can see his game-by-game stats, but you have to click through a couple pages. First, go to the BJ-League home page via the link above. (Must be untranslated because of their website programming.) Below the fold will be a grid of matchups. Find a Sendai 89ers game, and click this button:

Japan Boxscore

This will hopefully take you to a game report and box score. (For me, this only works using Firefox — my version of IE doesn’t handle the link properly. Then again, I still have Windows 98.) From this point, click on Blackwell’s name in the box score to get to his page. Since the names are tough to decipher, all you need to know is that he is uniform #6.

Oh yeah. The 89ers’ home arena is sweet.

That’s more than enough for now. In a few days: besides Gerry and Shumpert, who’s playing in Europe? The answer may surprise you….


2 Responses to “Pro Update”

  1. syracusan said

    You’re a star Josh.

    But what’s so special about 89 in Japan I wonder?

  2. […] Also, Ryan Blackwell followed up his 32 & 11 Saturday with 28 & 7 on Sunday as the 89ers went 2-0 againt the Grouses. If you want to see the box scores for yourself, follow the directions in this prior post. […]

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