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A win is a win, but…

Posted by Tim on November 15, 2006

I would say I was sorry I couldn’t watch tonight’s game against Northeastern. But then I read the game story. It should go without saying that SU should never, ever trail a Colonial Athletic Conference team by 15 at any point in a game. Sure, we crushed them in the end, holding them to 37 percent shooting and dominating the boards. I’m just glad I didn’t have to watch it.

At the risk of repeating the obvious, it’s becoming apparent that version of the Orange will live and die by the play of its guards. When Harris and Devendorf take control, we’re going to roll. When we need a huge performance from one of the big guys, we’re going to get hurt. (I’m thinking in terms of the offense here, since Boeheim gave Terrence Roberts credit for winning the game with his inside defense.)

Two other notes: First, Demetris Nichols is not a perfect player. Granted. But he is a great third scoring option who can also do some other things. When opponents are busy looking for Harris and Devendorf, he can take advantage. That’s key. Second, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t glad the zone defense is working out much better than the man-t0-man, as the aforementioned game story points out. We have to keep it sharp for the Tournament, after all. It’s always a blast to watch Big 12 teams panic when they can’t get off a shot or find a passing lane.

P.S. To the Syracusan’s point that it might be too early to dump on Lunardi, apparently Kim Baxter disagrees.


2 Responses to “A win is a win, but…”

  1. Josh said

    How about some love for Andy Rautins 31 minutes, 13 points and 4 assists? Also, nearly 50% 3-pt shooting, with 4 different players connecting from deep. Balance is the word of the year. I am not that concerned with the slow start to the game, because I am entirely accustomed to SU teams (in other sports too) coming out flat against lesser teams. It seems to be the nature of the beast that the Orangemen can’t get pumped up for these games, and can’t play well unless (until) they are pumped up.

  2. Josh said

    Also — about the zone defense:

    “We played two games man-to-man against good teams and they shot about 70 percent against us, so we’ve either got to get better at it or put it away and that’s something we’re going to have to figure out in the next few days.” — Jimmy B

    I thought we would at least get to December before they scrapped the man-to-man this season.

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