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Pre-season Bracketology: SU gets 8-seed

Posted by Tim on November 14, 2006

SU is seeded 8th in the South in ESPN’s Joe Lunardi’s pre-season NCAA Tournament projection. Here’s a snippet of his commentary:

29. Syracuse: Yes, Syracuse would have missed the NCAAs if not for the Gerry McNamara show at the Big East tournament. And, yes, western civilization would have survived. But this comment isn’t about the Orange, who should return to the Dance on schedule in 2007. It’s about one of their Big East brethren. I’m talking about Seton Hall, my runaway choice as the worst at-large team in the 2006 NCAA field.

Yeah, that’s right. Lunardi goes on to spend another two paragraphs trashing the Hall’s selection and says nothing more about SU’s prospects this year. Thanks a lot, Joe.

Being seeded eigth is no great shakes. But it’s an article of faith among every Orange hoops fan I know that SU seems to play better when they’re underrated. With that in mind, maybe it’s better this way.

Lunardi sees eight Big East teams in the Big Dance: Pitt (2), Georgetown (3), Marquette (5), UConn (6), Louisville (6), Villanova (7), SU (8), and DePaul (10). That’s more than any other conference; the ACC is second with seven.

Several early-season SU opponents also appear in Lunardi’s projection: Hofstra (10), Charlotte (11), Wichita State (12), and Penn (14).


One Response to “Pre-season Bracketology: SU gets 8-seed”

  1. Josh said

    Does anyone remember what our first bracketology ranking was last year? Just for comparison….

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